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Media Statement
Commission to conduct concurrent witness session

This week, the Paradise Dam Commission of Inquiry will hear witnesses give evidence together about testing the dam for stability. 

At the public hearings at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 10 March, Senior Counsel Assisting the Commission, Jonathan Horton, QC will facilitate a group discussion among five engineers – Ernest Schrader, Stephen Tatro, Timothy Dolen, and Paul Rizzo, from the United States together with an Australian, James Willey. 

Chairperson and Commissioner, John Byrne, said the concurrent evidence brings witnesses together to explore critical issues and any different points of view among them.

“For the Commission and those following the Inquiry’s progress, it’s a good opportunity to hear expert witnesses testifying about the same questions simultaneously,” he said. 

More information about upcoming witnesses, hearing dates, locations and times is available on the Commission’s website. 

Hearings are open to the public and will also be live streamed from our website.

Media contact: Jo Clark 0417 133 791 / E.